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Polosin Vitaliy Germanovich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, sub-department of medical cybernetics and informatics, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. In modern Holter and bifunctional monitoring systems, the errors of automatic analysis are corrected online. The occurrence of errors is caused by the chaotic nature of the behavior of biological objects. Due to a lack of effective decision rules in processing and analyzing signals from biological objects, the present work with its purpose to develop an entropy-parametric criterion for examining cardiovascular system conditions is relevant.
Materials and methods. Earlier, the author proposed an entropy – parametric criterion for establishing the validity of symmetric distributions, which was a formal decision rule for choosing distribution hypotheses. Studies of the distribution signs of electrocardiosignal samples allowed to form a criterion for monitoring the heart condition. The paper develops the idea of building a decision rule for estimating and subsequent monitoring of cardiovascular system conditions on the basis of an entropy-parametric criterion formed in the space of reduced centered signs of distributions: entropy coefficient, asymmetry and counter-process.
Results. Mathematical formalization of the distributions in the space of the centered signs of the distributions of electrocardiosignal samples in the vicinity of the optimal state of the body allowed us to obtain an expression for estimating the probability of occurrence of a first kind error and an expression for calculating the significance level of the criterion. As a result of a formalized study of reduced centered estimates of the signs of distributions in a real-state system, expressions were obtained for calculating the probability of occurrence of a second-type error and for determining the power of the entropy-parametric criterion for assessing conditions of the cardiovascular system. The paper considers an example of the use of the criterion for detecting pathological states of an attack of ventricular tachycardia. In particular, from the analysis of the probability of occurrence of a second-type error, recommendations are given for choosing the number of simultaneously processed cardiocycles and the signal sampling rate.
Conclusion. The article contains a material illustrating a prospected application of the entropy-parametric criterion for building a new generation of systems for monitoring and controlling cardiovascular system conditions. 

Key words

entropy coefficient, antikurtosis, asymmetry, space of reduced centered estimates, optimal and real patient condition, second kind error, criterion power 

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